New Design Guideline: Null Paramarrays

Based on some security reviews we are doing on the system in general I added this implementation note to the Design Guidelines.       Do be aware that null could be passed in for the paramarray.  You should validate that that paramarray is not null before processing (see section on parameter passing for more infomration)….


Some fun on GC.Collect()

Rico is having some fun with GC.Collect() on his blog… I love reading the comments there.  


Some CodeDom fun for you…

Check out the BCL site… we just posted some new CodeDom samples:   MSIL Code ProviderThe Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code provider takes a CodeDom tree and generates MSIL syntax. MSIL code provider generates all the CodeDom elements that are part of the 1.1 conformance spec. MSIL code provider generates code for most of the…


DRAFT Whitepaper: Dealing with Obsolete error messages

In response to a recent thread The Good and the Bad: Obsoletion in the Framework and LOTs of internal discussion, I have written this short whitepaper that describes the intent of using obsolete in the .NET Framework and how it affects your development projects.  I believe that that paper balances some of our customer’s requirements that…


The SLAR and .NET Framework 2.0

I was recently asked by my publisher and by a reader of this blog if the SLAR is still applicable given the upcoming release of the .NET Framework 2.0.   The answer is, of course, yes.  All of the types we cover in the SLAR are still the most used types even once V2.0 comes out. …


Deep inside generics

Joel does a very good job of exposing on generics work in the CLR and the implications on performance.  Definitely worth a read!  


What managed code are you running?!?

Krzysztof and I were talking today about a cute trick to figure out what process you are currently using have loaded managed code… Kind of neat…Should we have a price for whoever (without cheating) has the most processes with managed code.  Extra credit if you can identify them ;-).  Post your list on Krys’ blog….


From the API usability labs

I went down to the usability labs with Steven Clarke for while yesterday to watch as we tested a recent build of Indigo, Avalon and .NET Framework working together… Over the course of a week or so we are bringing in 10-15 C# and VB developers for 2 two hour sessions of application building.  All…


CLR Team Tour

JasonZ takes you on a tour of the CLR team.  I am sure glad *I* don’t have to debug the implementation of the CLR 😉 Stay tuned to Channel9 for more from the tour…  


Are bigger TV antennas better?

I recently moved to a new house that doesn’t get very good TV (or radio) reception.  I have been living with an old set of “bunny ear” antenna for a while, but that is just not cutting it here.  I went to RadioShack and got the biggest “indoor” antenna they sell , but it is…