Off to Saint Louis…

I will be doing some college recruiting at Washington University in Saint Louis Nov 8th and 9th.  I already have a talk on campus on the 9th (I will post more details on that when I get them) but if there is a local user’s group that would like a sneak peak at .NET Framework 2.0 or maybe even the latest on WinFX, let me know! 


Also, if you have any tips on the area or what I can expect from the university I’d love to hear them...  As far as the students, should I expect mostly the Java\Linux crowd (which I would *love* hire the best of btw) or will I see lots of folks that are already deep into .NET? 


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  1. You plan on attending any World Series games while you’re over there?

    Go cards!

    Shaun McDonnell

  2. BigJim in STL says:

    The St. Louis .NET user group is at, and they normally meet towards the end of the month (3rd or 4th Monday). If you contacted some of the folks listed, you might be able to talk them into having a special meeting where you could show off this new cool stuff.

    Wash U (pronounced "Wash You", it really is!) is the richest endowed school in the St. Louis area, very prestigious. Normally the Business School ranks in or around the top 10 in the country. Historically speaking, it was the site of the 1904 Olympic games, and the middle debate in each of the last 2 presidential elections. It’s located maybe 10 minutes west of downtown. If you are in the area and have some ‘tourist time’, you need to head north a couple of blocks to Delmar avenue – kind of the bohemian / university section of town. The "Delmar Loop" is around the Delmar/Skinker intersection, and Skinker Avenue runs north/south in front of Wash U.

    Unfortunately,I can’t say much about the student orientation regarding Java/.Net.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Steve says:

    If you like Italian food, make sure to visit the Hill. It’s not too far from Downtown on the south end. I think several miles on the south end of 270

  4. There are other universities in Saint Louis that may be of interest to you. For Example Webster University has a Computer Science Dept.

  5. Randy H. says:

    Brad- you should come into the office if you have time. It is only about 15-20 minutes from Washington University.

  6. Brad:

    I’ve sent a notice to one of the coordinators for the STL . Net user group. They normally book things in advance, so I don’t know what the schedule looks like. Nonetheless, I’ve let them know you’ll be in the area.


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