The SLAR gets a review…

Brad Abrams' .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference should be on every .NET developer's bookshelf, regardless of the type of .NET development you're doing


 and I didn’t even pay him 😉


Read the full review here: .NET Reference for Every Bookshelf

Comments (12)

  1. Will you publish a book with version 2.0 of the Framework Library?

    Or does this one cover that too?



  2. Just make sure it’s a well built shelf. You can stun elephants with it 🙂

  3. No — this and Vol2 will still be based on V1.1… that is the level the current standard is at… But assuming there is demand, I’d love to do an update to both volumes for V2.0…

  4. Ian Smith says:

    Very much enjjoyed the first volume. Is there a publication date set for the second volume or is it too early to ask?

  5. Smeghead says:

    BUY MY BOOK, thank you. Move along now nothing to see here.

  6. Just so you know, I get no royalties or compensation of any kind from book… My goal really is to make developers more productive with the platform.. And it was fun to vent about mistakes we made ;-), so the point here is less “buy my book” and more of a “here is a resource that could help you do your job”.

  7. Ian – no date is set yet, but we are getting close to down the the authoring part, so it shouldn’t be too long.. thanks for your support

  8. Matt says:

    How come u dont get any income from writing this book? Does all the money go to MS??

  9. I personally prefer a copy of the current MSDN Library installed. Quick searches and indexing you won’t find in a book. But whatever it takes to get some people to read documentation is definitely a good thing.

  10. Yup, I hear ya… MSDN docs are great, and cover the whole framework. The SLAR does include the WHOLE book in searchable PDF format as well.. that may help you.

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