XPSP2 and home wireless network: A confession and the joy…

Hello… my name in Brad Abrams and I have a confession to make:  I could not get my home wireless network to work.  I know the shame of it… I work at the largest software company in the word, the same software company that makes the OS my wife and I are running, I use a wireless network all day long.. but I could not get my laptop to see my wife’s printer.  I tried many a Saturday’s looking at network settings, reading websites and the online help each time ending up more depressed then the last time, but too ashamed to admit my failings. 


But along came XPSP2 and I realized the failing was not mine… it was my OS’s failing… now that both my wife and I are both running XPSP2, on a lark I tried to connect to my wife’s machine and it worked… within 2 minutes I was happily printing from my laptop (RASed into work) to her printer.  Wow – now that is an OS upgrade.  I did nothing and it just started working.   


I have no idea why it started to work… but I am glad it did!


Did anyone else have a similar experience? 

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  1. Sean Chase says:

    Well, sorta…I have a neighbor who had just bought a new linksys wireless router and her husband was having problems using her printer from his laptop. Upon inspection, the power to the printer was on, but…yeah, that’s right…the computer connected to the printer was…off. I "fixed" the problem for them, exhausing all air out of my lungs to avoid laughter as I said goodbye, and when I got home I laughed my sick, geeky head off. 🙂

  2. Yes, I was having endless problems with Windows XP and WPA encryption at home and installed SP2 and it fixed it all up. But the amount of time it took to get the problem isolated was insane. Sigh.

  3. Daren Thomas says:

    I haven’t had any personal experience with XPSP2, but our supporters told us not to install it as a lot of our clients were having problems. It seems (at least in the german version) that various programs stop working and that things get changed in the network stuff (why can’t our network guys be more specific?) and on and on…

    So I will just wait. Can’t risk fighting my co-workers, especially if it breaks my pc, can I?

  4. SP2 solved all my wireless problems, my connection went from disconnecting every 5 minutes or so to connecting 1st time with no more disconnections. The signal strength for some weird reason is stronger too.

  5. Greg Hurlman says:

    I believe that I had to install some sort of hotfix to get WPA working, pre-SP2, haven’t a clue what the Q number is now.

  6. RJ says:

    Okay, probably a QFE was missing before, but your story made me laugh when I remembered this reported security hole in SP2:


    (SP2 firewall might enable sharing with the world, even when upgrading a configuration that previously blocked it)

  7. GW says:

    Isn’t IBM the largest software company?

  8. Srdjan says:

    maybe you’ll find this funny:

    my wife’s computer lost wireless connection after I installed SP2.

    Service Pack somehow got the encription key wiped out!

    So, quite opposite experiance for me…


  9. John Schroedl says:

    I had this EXACT problem before XPsp2 and exact same joy after the install. All has been right with the universe since sp2.

    Before sp2, I could occasionally get it to work but used ZoneAlarm and every upgrade to that seemed to put me back in non-comm which I lived with for far too long. So, I ditched ZoneAlarm with the sp2 Firewall defaulting to on. I’m not saying that was all of it but I’ll bet it was part of the puzzle.


  10. an anon friend says:

    I’ve had the opposite experience. After the upgrade, my laptop can only intermittently see the wireless network. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. Usually can fix it with a reboot. Not that I like to reboot. Have to shut down Word and Outlook and I’m *always* in the middle of writing a doc or some e-mail message or another.

    I’ve been dogfooding Microsoft betas for years. I ran the beta on my desktop, but not my laptop. I feel like I’m paying for it now.

  11. Amit Bahree says:

    I was more surprised with the inbuilt bluetooth stack and less surprised (still was surprised mind you) on the builtin WEP support so I could get rid of the Linksys util just for that!

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