Another managed application… Paint.Net… Looks very cool… I love to see how folks are using managed code in a wide verity of applications. 

What do you think?

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Paint.Net is very cool. One of the most awsome things about it though is the color wheel selector. This color wheel makes a lot more sense than the normal windows one, that has been in windows for years. I would love to see that as a control in the .net framework to be able to use. However I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. .net is really starting to get in motion as more public apps are coming out with it and starting to populate out to the public. One thing you seem to forget programming in .net is actually a whole lot of fun. Developing in general is fun, but in the old com days, things like dll hell and trying to dig into the cryptic api’s and so on were things we all hated. .net is more compairable to breath of fresh air.

  2. Its not only in public apps where .net is making a big impact. I work for the FAA, and we are 2 years into a 6 year .net project which is very high profile, but a secure and private application inaccessible outside the FAA. Right now, I believe my project is the only .net project in the FAA, but I’m sure more are to come soon. Turning thousands of pages of federal regulations into source code has never been more fun and easy to use once completed. Integration is awesome, security is great and much improved in 2.0. There are so many things .net has brought to the table, most notably the garbage collector, that it has allowed even the government to agree that its the way to go for future applications, at least where my project is concerned.

    Oh, back to the topic, I haven’t seen

  3. Keith Patrick says:

    Even better would be for .Net versions of the basic Windows applets to be included in Longhorn.

  4. Sean McLeod says:

    Check this out for a cool .Net (C#) app using managed DirectX, plus the source code is available.

  5. FYI, I recommend linking people to Paint.NET here:

    or here:

    Version 1.1 (final) was released the day after this post! It’s also on toolbox now, for us Microsoft people.

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