Some nitty-gritty info on hosting the CLR

I was blown away last year at the PDC by the number of folks that cared about hosting the CLR in their applications.  With Whidbey the story gets even more rich.    Dino, the QA guy for CLR hosting, is one of the few that knows how it really works.  Today he starts of series explaining all the details.  Subscribed.


Cooperative Fiber Mode Sample - Day 1

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  1. James says:

    This is a serious question, not a facetious remark: Do you think they’re missing the point?

    Why are they hosting the CLR rather than running in it? Do they really need SQL Server-like peformance, scalability, etc? Do they think that’s the easiest route to extensibility with their existing software?

    I guess I should also ask if they’re right 🙂

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