Sorry about the comments…

I am having a little trouble with .Text letting me “approve”  comments… I am told the team is working on it.  Never fear the comments are not lost, worst case I have them in email…  I seem to have managed to turn moderation off (don’t tell the spammers), so new comments should come through now.  


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  1. Dilip says:

    I posted my answer earlier today. I can’t see it in the comment section on your previous post. Can you check your email and see if the name "Dilip" appears anywhere? thanks

  2. Brad Abrams says:

    Up, I saw at least one from Dilip…

  3. Also see if you can find my comment. I posted the answer even before you asked the question. Yes, I’m that good.


  4. I’m not sure about this moderation stuff. One problem is that it may that someone else has said the same thing further up in the moderation queue which makes me reluctant to comment. The whole thing ends up looking like a stream of <AOL>me too</AOL> type postings. Also since I’m eight hours out of synch it can be a long time before my posts get approved.

    Perhaps a "per blog" authentication would be a good idea. i.e. if I’ve posted in the past and been approved then I can always post. Per blog makes it not worth a spammers time creating a dummy account. Might as well use passport (particularly as I suspect most posters to the msdn blogs already have one) as authentication method to stop spoofing.

  5. OK — looks like the issue has been worked out, I was able to save everyone’s comments! Please let me know if you feel like you submitted a comment that is not showing up now.

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