Joe on the Microsoft Vocabulary

Joe does a nice job of detailing the MS vocabulary… I never thought using “ask” as a noun was the least bit odd 😉  Anyway, it is good to know that Joe owns getting all the asks scrubbed so we can meet the bar and ship our bits!


Come on recent MSFT hires, got any other “vocabulary” words for us?

Comments (5)

  1. I have never understood phrase "super excited", where does that fit in the english language ?Does it mean you are very excited or extremely excited, I have only heard this term at MS conferences.

  2. Louis Parks says:

    So, what you’re asking is are there other words commonly oddly used by softies? Beginning the answer to most questions with "so" is a seemingly odd, but common among softies, usage.

  3. Mike Dunn says:

    Using "ask" as a noun makes me cringe. I heard someone at my office do that last week – we talk regularly with the WMP team so it must have rubbed off on one of our guys. I fully intend to quell this horrible transgression. 😉

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