The BCL team site graduated to MSDN recently and I see that Frank got a blurb about it on the .NET Framework DevCenter and his blog:


/bcl  - information on programming the Base Class Libraries (stuff in the System namespace). Especially check-out the FAQs, and BCL team pics & bios!

Comments (2)

  1. Eric Newton says:

    Just nit picking but you say BCL is "stuff in the System namespace", so is System.Web part of the BCL?

    And what about System.Messaging? oh wait… thats Indigo?

    Come on guys…

    Microsoft.Indigo [instead of System.Messaging]

    Microsoft.Aspnet [instead of System.Web]

    Microsoft.Yukon [instead of System.Data.SqlServer]

  2. Julie Lerman says:

    Eric – It depends on your symantics. 🙂 Is System.Windows the "System.Windows namespace" or "something in the System namespace"? Because System.Windows is not part of the Base Classes. Look at the dev center – they have a list of which namespaces are considered to be part of the BCL. Here is a post from when I was trying to figure that out also: http://www.thedatafarm.com/blog/PermaLink.aspx?guid=059890a2-fc5f-416a-9b29-7ec411ab4293

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