Help us extend the generic collections for the .NET Framework

Many moons ago I got some very clear feedback on my blog that the introduction of generics to the .NET Framework was a great opportunity to extend the base set of collection classes we offer.    Directly based on that (and other bits of feedback), I contact an old collogue who’s development and design skills I trust enormously.  Peter Golde was the lead dev and active member of the C# language design team.  He has retired, but has stayed active with his blog.    I suggested to Peter that it would be great to seed the community with some well-throughout designs and implementations of the standard collection classes that are missing from the Framework today and maybe some new twists that work even better on the CLR.    Krzysztof Cwalina, the PM in charge of the collections namespace took on the project from the Microsoft side and enlisted who already has a strong community presents in the .NET space to be involved. 


Today, I am happy to announce that the Power Collections is officially starting.  Please do sign up for more info, I can’t wait to see the direction this takes.


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  1. Cool, subscribed! 🙂

  2. Great idea! Subscribed!

  3. .NET Collections – NEWS !!!

  4. Ken Brubaker says:

    VS2005: Brad Abrams, et al. wimp out

    Brad Abrams admits in a post that from the responders to a posting asking direction for generic collections, including Don Box (and yours truly), he got very clear direction. Did the BCL team get right on it? Nope. …

  5. Ken Brubaker says:

    VS2005: Ok, I take it back. The BCL team are not wimps

    Sorry for doubting you, Brad!

  6. Thanks to Brad Abrams and Wintellect , I’m now working on Power Collections , a project to develop additional generic collections to fill out the set provided by .NET 2.0 base class libraries.

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