New BCL/CLR Programmer Writer position

One of the clear pieces of feedback I got on my recent post on productivity is that good, solid documentation for the platform is crucial.  Would you like to be part of making the BCL docs better?  I just found out that we have an opening for a Programmer Writer on the BCL\CLR team.   Come join the team.  Contact Matt (remove the “nospam” from his email address below) or submit your resume on the career’s site. 



Job Title: Programming Writer

Job Category: User Assistance & Education     

Product: .NET Framework  - BCL/CLR User Education Team       

Job Code: 111694        

Location: WA - Redmond         

Travel Required: 0%   


 The User Education team for the .NET Framework Base Class Libraries and Common Language Runtime team is looking for an experienced writer who can readily understand and use new programming concepts and leverage those skills to write quality reference and conceptual documentation for our developer audience. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who likes to work with cutting edge programming technologies and who enjoys the challenge of writing great documentation. Our writers use their coding skills as well as their research and communication skills to develop their knowledge of the product. Qualifications include a working knowledge of object-oriented programming, experience writing documentation for developers, and the ability to read and write code in one or more programming languages, such as Visual Basic.NET, C++, or C#. Two years work experience with Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, or C# and 2 years of professional writing experience is required. Experience with COM is a plus. Other job requirements include the ability to interact successfully with program managers, developers, testers, and UE team members, and the ability to prioritize and handle multiple areas of responsibility. A BA/BS degree is preferred.


Comments (8)

  1. torkar says:

    Hi Brad,

    I have no idea what you do with your blog Brad, but for some reason some of you posts look really weird in my RSS reader. Do you know why?

    Post weird:

    Post ok:

    The funny thing is that you’re the only one I have this problem with?!



  2. Clint says:

    This is one of my dream jobs! I love writing documentation and I love programming. I have CIS major and a technical writing minor. I don’t have two years of professional writing experience though.

  3. That is great Clint! Please submit your resume or contact Matt… My personal rule is to never let "requirements" stop me from going after what I know I can do.

  4. Sean Chase says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this Brad. I sent Matt an email and I have a phone interview tomorrow morning. Hope it works out!

  5. Brad Abrams says:

    Excellent… Good luck Sean.

  6. Sean Chase says:

    I’m flying out to interview on Monday. I just had an interview with MCS yesterday which was 4-5 hours. I can just imagine how worn out I’m going to be on the flight back home on Monday night. * sigh *

    Thanks again for the "heads up" Brad.

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