On FTP support in Whidbey

Someone asked me recently about FTP support in Whidbey… here is the answer I tracked down from the owners of the net classes.


That's right, we're adding FTP support in Whidbey.  There is an FtpWebRequest/FtpWebResponse class for general use of the FTP protocol.  If you want something that you can use to easily perform basic download/upload operations then System.Net.WebClient is probably of interest as well.  It works with HTTP and FILE URL's today and will also work with FTP URL's in Whidbey.

Comments (15)

  1. Esteban Garcia says:

    Awesome!!! I can start saying goodbye to the clunky third party tool!!!

  2. Doug McClean says:

    FTP support from System.Net.WebClient? Excellent! Seems like Whidbey is really going to fill in a lot of the little gaps. Keep up the good work!

  3. Brian Long says:

    Any planned support for the more adventurous FTPS?

  4. John Schroedl says:

    Wahoo! My biggest peeve about .NET is going away.

  5. Lance Olson (System.Net team) says:


    Our FTP implementation in Whidbey includes support for FTP over SSL.


  6. Jerry Pisk says:

    Will IIS ever support FTP over SSL?

  7. Brian Long says:

    Thanks for the response Lance. Nice to know

  8. Brad Adams reports that the .NET CLR tied to Whidbey will include FTP support in the System.Net namespace (via the FtpWebRequest/FtpWebResponse class). It also includes support for FTP over SSL. Great news for those of us who had to use…

  9. secretGeek says:

    great news Brad!

    FTP APIs (and rolling your own FTP client or server) has previously been such a messy act — this will be a welcome relief.



  10. Brad,

    I hope the FTp support will be very comprehensive.

    I get a little scared when I read <i>general use of the FTP protocol</i>

    It would be a great help to provide complete ftp protocol functionality for stuff like setting connection to active or passive, default object connect folders, implement outstreams from an ftp object, etc.

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