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At TechEd I had a chance to interact with quite a few technical book authors.  One theme that came up over and over again was that authors hugely value your feedback.  When I asked one author (who has a huge number of titles under his belt) what his favorite book was he mentioned it was the book that got the most feedback, positive and negative!  I had a basically the same conversation with several other authors – as a community we deeply value your feedback. 


So be heard, post a review on Amazon,  contact the publisher or author directly or just blog about it, believe me, we will find you if you are talking about our book!


Speaking of which, for those of you that got a copy of the poster, any feedback? 

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  1. Hear, hear!!!

    It’s very important to me, both as an author, and as a speaker, to get feedback from readers and attendees, and as specific as possible. "It was great" or "It sucked" are better than nothing, but, "I wanted more sample code" or "too advanced for a beginner’s book" are more useful feedback. But I’ll take whatever I can get. 🙂

  2. I’m working through your new book (SLAR) and I’ll let you know what I think.

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