TechEd: Hanging out in the Cabana area

The Cabana areas rock!  Comfy couches, power, wireless, caffeine and sugar near by – what more could I want?  Short answer – You!  Today, there was way too high a percentage of blue shirts (MS employees and RD\MVPs) up there.  Although it was fun to hang out with that crowd, I came to TechEd to hang out with you… so come on up!  Many of the sessions will be on DVD after the event, but this type of Q&A time is only at events like this one.  Remember the Cabana replaces the Ask the Experts – so please use it!    PLEASE feel free to interrupt one of us if we are in a “blues only” huddle or in a daze with the laptop screen.  We will thank you for it – really.


See you at the Cabana!

Comments (2)

  1. Dave M says:

    Its very hard to hear the speakers in the Cabana areas. I went to one Monday and now I’m considering whether a session is in a Cabana when I decide to go to it, and being in a Cabana is a disadvantage. I like the concept, but its just too noisy in there. Also when the sun is out, like on Monday afternoon, the Plasma displays are harder to read, although this is less of a problem.


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