Look Ma’ I’m on Channel9

Cool – the good folks at Channel9 just posted the first part of their interview with me…

What do you do? What is a day like for you?

Love to hear your thoughts…


I notice they put me right next to Eric’s answer to a similar question.  Interesting to see the difference in responses (and the similarities).  

Comments (4)

  1. Drew Marsh says:

    I’m so happy everytime I hear that Microsoft is finally striving for consistency across all API designs. 🙂

  2. Judah Himango says:

    Cool-hand Brad is your new nickname… 🙂 Meetings for 5 hours? Sheesh is a wonder you have time to blog.

  3. Thanks Drew, it is certainly something there is a lot of focus on, but we’d love to have your help… the more you can use the .NET Framework and Longhorn and let us know what doesn’t feel right the better off we are.

    Judan — Ahh, yes, you love that shot do you… Thank the arty folks on channel 9 for that. I smoked past my 5 hour average today and actually did 10 hours of meetings… 8:30-6:30 back to back… I am toasted. I was able to do emailblogs in most of them… For example I was at a brownbag for WinFX developers when I posted this blog. I love wireless!

  4. Judah Himango says:

    Well hey man we sure as hell appreciate your taking the time to blog all these goodies from Redmond. This is the probably the best of the MSDN blogs, IMO, so infomative and updated almost daily. You deserve a pat on the back man…and a break from all those meetings! 🙂

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