Improving Application Performance and Scalability Guide

Several other folks have already mentioned it, but I wanted to join the gang…


Improving Application Performance and Scalability Guide


About the Guide:

Improving Application Performance and Scalability guide integrates people, process, and technology to manage performance throughout the software lifecycle.  It provides guidance for designing, implementing and tuning application to reach your performance objectives.  It shows you where to start, how to proceed and when you are done.  It is the most direct, tangible way for Microsoft to hand over an aggregation of the best practices, customer lessons learned, proven approaches, and cumulative experience direct to customers.


The guide includes the following:

·          A process framework for performance and scalability.

·          Architecture, design and implementation guidelines

·          Techniques for performance modeling, design review, code review, performance testing and tuning

·          How Tos and Checklists


Key Takeaways

·          Bake performance into the software lifecycle

·          Set goals and measure

·          Give performance due consideration up front

·          Start with the Fast Track

·          See the Performance Best Practices to get the elevator pitch answers at a glance to complex problems, then where to go for more

·          If you want to lower your TOC and reliably meet your performance objectives, see Performance Modeling

·          If you are designing an application, see Architecture and Design Review

·          If you write managed code, see Improving Managed Code Performance

·           If you do code reviews, see Code Review


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