Audible support for Rio Cali

Awhile back I got a Rio Cali MP3 player, overall I really like it… the controls are nice, the built in FM radio is great… But there is one problem… No support from  In an attempt to keep control over the media, audible wrote their own client software for interfacing with the deices (which isn’t great) but they don’t seem to have drivers for my Cali. At first I just thought it was because the Cali just came out, but it has been a while now and I am starting to believe they will never support it.  I already sent audible’s customer support folks an email, but I heard nothing back.


Thoughts?  Workarounds?



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  1. Sal says:

    The only work around is rather time consuming. I burn the audio to cd’s to listen in the car. You can then rip the cd to the mp3 for the Rio. Once it goes to CD format the protection is removed.

  2. Kal says:

    Thats about the only one that I can come up with also – I have MP3 player in my car and I’ve doing just that – download from Audible, convert to CD audio and then rip to MP3

  3. Mike says:

    You should checkout

    Their Total Recorder program is cheap and highly effective. It creates a virtual soundcard on your computer that you can play audio to and record back in MP3 or WAV.

  4. Brad,

    How do you like other than them not supporting your player? I’ve been thinking about signing up, but haven’t heard many people comment on it.

  5. Brad Abrams says:

    Thanks folks — I tried the CD thing, but it is just too much time!

    Mike — i will check out highcritera and see, thanks for the suggestion

    Josh, other than the client app not being great, I really like it – lots of good content.. the NPR stuff is great.

  6. Don says:

    check out GoldWave ( It allows you to open up An Audible file and convert it to mp3 in one easy step! I use it all the time because Audible doesn’t Support my Nomad

  7. G. Chris Glanzmann says:

    SonicBlue acquired Rio from Diamond, SonicBlue went bust, D&M Holdings Inc acquired the Rio part of SonicBlue; D&M makes new players that do not support Audible. But the good

    news is that a couple of the new Rio players coming out later this year will support Audible.

    Of course that does not help people who already purchased newer Rio players.

    See related story:

  8. Rick Byers says:

    I’d suggest you commit to a 1-year Audible plan and make use of the free Otis. The Otis isn’t great as an MP3 player, but as an auidible player it does a great job. I switch back and forth between my Otis for audible content and my Nomad II for music and it works great for me.

    Before I got my Otis I did use GoldWave to convert from audible format to mp3, but its a big hassle.

  9. Aron Ahmadia says:

    What are the odds that Rio will release firmware updates for their players that will make them Audible-ready?

  10. Lesley Kotlanger says:

    I agree about Audible. Wonderful deal on books but they don’t support different players. I tried to convert files form Real One player but my Rio s353S doesn’t support it. I will check out the conversion suggestions. Thanks for the tip.

  11. john schotanus says:

    purchased a cali 256 mb mp3 player but it acts up each time I try to play a song. I push the little red button upwards and it like reboots and it keeps doing it each time. also when you lock the device so that you cant use the buttons so it will run while you are joging or something it shuts off (ALL THE TIME). I dont think much of the product the buttons are so small and since this thing is acting up all the time I think I will take it back and get my money back. Th e support phone # is not a 800number so you need to callon your dime but if you would like to purchas one it has a 1-800 number for you to use.thats lamb………?

  12. Mike says:

    <p>I used <a href="">FlexiMusic Wave Editor</a> to

    convert Wav file to Mp3 </p>

  13. Mike says:

    I used FlexiMusic Wave Editor to convert Wav file to Mp3

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