Get your WER logs…

WER is Windows Error Reporting… it is what we internally affectionately call “Watson”. You know that cool little dialog that comes up when an app crashes that asks you to send the report to Microsoft.  Well, as an ISV, you can actually access the data for your apps. Find out more info here:


Anyone already doing this?  Have you found it valuable?

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  1. At one point I was going to recommend this to my company.. However, I have come to find that things that don’t list a price "up front" (before making the decision) are usually to expensive to get any real value. That, and a good programmer could have done something like it themselves for their specific needs.

    On another note. Microsoft is pushing .NET pretty big, and if the newer programs don’t even contain managed assemblies for interacting with the API (you need to use PInvoke), then what does that say about the level of commitment that MS has to the program. Sure, I can write a managed wrapper around the .dll, but why should I have to?

    Just my $0.02

  2. Roy — Sorry, I don’t know about the pricing issue, I will try to find something out.

    As for the managed version of these APIs… It is funny you should ask.. As part of my work with the WinFX project I have been working with the WER team on some managed APIs… Don’t have any details for you yet… But we recongize that this is a hard place to be right now.

  3. kinshuman says:

    We are working on the managed version of these APIs. They will be in the next milestone.

  4. Watson is an awesome tool. However, the minidumps are only really useful with symbolic information, and that can be pretty difficult to get set up correctly.

    I’ve tried building release builds with pdbs, storing those pdbs with symstore (from the DDK) and setting up symsrv to retrieve those symbols when debugging in VC. With this setup, I am currently able to debug different versions of our release binaries and have symsrv automagically retrieve the appropriate symbols.

    However, if I try to debug minidumps from WER, symsrv doesn’t seem able to provide the correct symbols. I’m guessing this is because symsrv can examine a binary and find it’s matching symbol, but with a mindump with no binary, it doesn’t know what to do?

    It seems like it should be possible to somehow automatically get the correct symbols, because the WER report does contain the binary’s size and time stamp which symsrv could use to find the symbol.

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions to get this to work?

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