My first old college buddy to find my blog

An old college friend of mine found my blog recently and was even full of “tips” for me as well... thanks Jason, some things never change!  I found a way to fix this that typo…;-)


That is right folks, Jason and I both went to North Carolina State University... I crammed that four your Engineering degree in computer science into five and enjoyed every minute of it. 


Do I happen to have any other readers that from NCSU?  Or even crazier from Athens Drive High School in Raleigh, NC?


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  1. Jim Duffy says:

    Hey Brad,

    My name is Jim Duffy and I’m getting ready to head home to Raleigh, NC from the MVP Summit. Though I grew up in S. Florida and am a UM ‘Canes fan, I’m also an NCSU fan… GO PACK!!!!


  2. That just happened to me as well, but instead of tips I got a (light-hearted) threat to tell eveyone else about it unless I sponsored him in the London Marathon. Well, it is for a good cause…

  3. Brian Broom says:

    I also went to NCSU (1990-94) in Materials Engineering (but ended up working in the computer field, go figure). Is Apex HS close enough to Athens for you?

  4. John Schroedl says:

    Go Wolfpack!

    I was in Computer Science also on the 5 year plan. (1986-1991). Came for an education, stayed for the nice weather…and pollen…and hurricanes…and BoJangles…and beaches…


  5. Brad Abrams says:

    Jim, I hope you enjoyed the MVP event… Sorry I missed you while you were here… look me up next time you are in town.

    Brian — Oh yea, Apex is very close.. it is a small world 😉

    John — Oh man, John, don’t get me started on that… we got a Krispy Kreme not to long ago but we are still without a Bo Jangles, I have to get Bo everytime I am in NC.

  6. Brian Broom says:

    mmmmm… BoJangles

  7. Go Wolfpack! I only managed to stretch my four year degree by one extra semester. Now I feel bad knowing I must have missed out on some of the fun you were having, Brad 🙂

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