Argg — I hate comment spam

These folks are spamming every one of my posts… I guess I need to break out Raymond’s comment scrubber… but still, can we ban that IP address or something like that?  Are other folks being hit as well?





Sender: anon


IP Address:



How does the RSS feed work?


Could somebody please tell me where I can get some sample code in C# to display the RSS feed on a winforms app.?



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  1. josh ledgard says:

    Yup, ever minute or so I get another one.

  2. James Geurts says:

    Along with that, the referrer spam is annoying… I believe that Scott is addressing these issues with .Text 0.96.

  3. James Geurts says:

    Along with that, the referrer spam is annoying… I believe that Scott is addressing these issues with .Text 0.96.

  4. Androidi says:

    There’s a rather easy solution to comment spam, and that’s not just disabling them alltogether, but rather changing the way of commenting.

    Perhaps someone has already defined a name for it, but i call it "linked commenting".

    When viewing the html version of the blog, there would be no way to comment on. Instead to comment, the commenter would need to have his/her own blog, and to comment, s/he would just send a url to his/her blog pointing to the ‘commenting blog’. Now the RSS aggretators would drill these ‘linked comments’ instead of hogging the bandwidth of the guy who made the article. The blog pages could perhaps have special ‘commenting blogs’ to separate comments from bloggers own articles.

    One advantage and disadvantage would be that the linked comment would need to stay up, if spammer’s own blog goes down, it would also make all the spam vanish. If someone makes a interesting comment you want to persist, you could cache it in your blog or something..

    I guess i’m not first to think of this, but i’m wondering why this is not being implemented as it atleast sounds pretty simple and feasible to me.

  5. Androidi says:

    ..Actually i don’t have a blog, so guess i shouldn’t be making this comment then, but it might also make me think of getting own blog just to comment. And perhaps eventually do something else than just commenting.


  6. Nicole Simon says:

    [I do have a blog and am therefor allowed to comment ;o)]

    As a reaction on the new Typekey (which I disliked) I have suggested using captchas or just a little excercise like ‘what is 5+8’.

    This would be unique across my blog but any other blog would have a different task which has to be answered. You store your answer somewhere in the comment-skript (or as a setting in your blogsoftware) and everything without this answer will be hold back or deleted at once.

    Of course this is not the solution for everything but it might slow down commentspam on popular blogsoftware for a little bit.


  7. milbertus says:

    Since MovableType powers my blog with a MySQL database, I wrote a very simple .NET app that conntects to the database via ODBC, closes comments for the specified blogs for the specified number of days, and exports a text file containing the blog and entry IDs. I then use that to run a Perl script on my server (it’s a Linux box) to rebuild the affected entries. It’s a bit tedious, but it definitely works – since most comment spam is on old entries, I haven’t had any problems since I started doing this (which was last fall, I think).

  8. matthew says:

    you should remove the <a href around that link – by linking to them you are giving them google juice, which encourages their activities.

  9. Paul Andrew says:

    We have to take away the incentitive for these mauraders. They benefit from a higher ranking in google because our blogs are linking to them. It’s all about driving traffic to their web site. Here are some ways to prevent this:

    – Only allow URL links which go to the commentors blog

    – A human only question before commenting

    – Just manually delete all the comment spam

    – disable comments on blogs

    – Allow blog owners to blacklist IP addresses from commenting

    – Show URLs as text instead of links

    I’m off to delete all those bogus comments from anon at IP

  10. Androidi says:

    Well any sort of manual labor related to spamming is out of question if you ask the "good lazy coder". (I am not that good but i still like to try think like one 🙂

    I must say i didn’t think that google "issue" when thinking allowing comments only in a linked form. If i understand correctly, google and others search engines should use a ‘robots’ file or something like that, to determine that they are not to index those pages? This could perhaps be utilized in the ‘linked comments’ case in some special manner.

    In the idea what i had, there would not be links in a traditional way. But i guess that hiding the real link from google in would either be agreement (robots.txt?) or security by obscurity (specially formed address or some other ‘hiding’ solution)?

    Or maybe ask the google guys to define some sort of TAG that would make google just skip the tagged portion (link to spammers blog).

    The news/blog reader programs could also define some ‘standard rules’ like when reading linked comments, they would still abide by rules set by the blog author who’s getting the comments. Such rule could be to only process certain tags in the linked comments content.

    Okay i admit, maybe it gets too complex for the Not.NET readers 😉

  11. Phil Scott says:

    I hate to say it, but I went to their site and every single link goes to about:blank

    You’d think that someone who is going to take the time and effort to piss off thousands of people just to get some hits would have the common curtesy to have a functioning webpage being linked to.

    I guess I’m giving a bit too much credit to these wack jobs.

  12. Luc Cluitmans says:

    It is strange, but an address like ‘’ sets off alarm bells to me.

    It looks like the scum of the internet has a strange preference for domain names with a ‘-‘ in them. I have yet to see a decent/useful website on a domain name with a ‘-‘ in it. It gives the impression that the owner of the domain is targeting people who lack the sophistication of recognizing a name like ‘’ if it had been spelled ‘’. And these guys can be nasty, buying domain names that are very similar to ‘normal’ domain names (e.g.

  13. Andreas Häber says: is a nice site 🙂 but I guess that’s the only good site with a ‘-‘ in the name I can think of too.

    FYI: I’m not affiliated with that site.

  14. Julie Lerman says:

    I just got 7 comments on different posts from that same person and remembered this post of yours…

  15. Julie Lerman says:

    aaaaaaaaaahh – 67 more this morning. Too many to go delete from all of those different posts. This is my first real comment spam problem.

  16. Alethien says:

    Why cant you just query your db and delete, or mark inactive any comment by someone with that ip? Seems remarkably simple to me. But I spose .Text prolly doesnt support that or you would have though of it?

    This is why I wrote my own blogging software. Some things you just need complete control of. I havent got any hits from this fellow, but his i.p. has been added to my blacklist.

  17. Ringing sound of cell phone says:


  18. 仪表 says:

    It’s so fun!lol….

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