LH SDK in the OS

Lori asks an interesting question about what parts of the LH sdk should ship in the OS.  I personally love this idea… what if there was even a developer SKU of the OS?  The Start menu could have your debugger, editors, etc readily available.  VSPad rather than notepad.  The %path% environment variable should include all the great developer goo.  Instead of “Clippy”, we could have ChrisAn or DonBox pop-up and offer random, but interesting programming suggestions at odd times 😉


What else would you like to see?


Comments (6)

  1. Kent Tegels says:

    No, no, wait… Don and the rest of the Band on the runtime as MCE dancers! Now that’s what we need.

  2. milbertus says:

    I definitely like the sound of this. That’s one area where, imo, the *nix world does a better job than Windows – the out of box developer experience. It would be great if I could install Longhorn, and just start coding right then.

  3. Aaron Vance says:

    From a developer’s perspective, Unix (+ variants) provides a better out of box development environment — but if you’ll notice that may also be a major reason why adoption of the Unix "desktop" hasn’t taken off. It adds unnecessary complexity, while adding flexiblity to us.

    I say throw it in, but making the start menu + environmental hooks accessible from somewhere in the Control Panel so it doesn’t overcomplicate matters for those less inclined.

    I offer this as a developer who also assists in management of our organizations PCs and server’s and deeply aware of our user’s "experience" with Windows.

    I have massive anticipation to Longhorn and even the wave of change that it will push on interaction with a PC in terms of interface + toolset, but some aspects should remain the "power under the hood" so to speak.

  4. Mike Kolitz says:

    There is definitely some merit to adding dev tools to the OS. I’m not sure it would need to be an entirely different SKU, but I would love to see something like this happen.

    And don’t forget Hillel Cooperman, too 😉 He can offer advice on UI design!

  5. Keith Hill says:

    A good console shell and a good build system are also musts. Wait a minute, that’s all coming with MS Shell and MSBuild. That’s good news. 🙂 Hey, just make sure my console windows look like the other windows in Longhorn. Ya know, with rounded corners and themed properly.

  6. Louis Parks says:

    Seems that devs should be as close to the end user experience as possible. It also seems that a dev sku would make that more difficult than it is at present.

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