One Year of Blogging Already?

Wow… It was one year ago today that I started to blog publicly.   299 posts later and (more importantly 1406 comments later) I can say that blogging has been well worth the investment. I have been able to use this blog as a quick sounding board for countless issues. The feedback I have gotten has been very timely, constructive and powerful.  I can not even count the number if times I have forward links and comments from my blog to other Microsoft folks to help make a point.  I can’t tell you how much more powerful your words are than mine!   At the risk of sounding too much like scoble, I believe that blogging is having a major contribution to the changing culture around Microsoft.    


As an aside, the CLR team is doing a little app building today… I took some code from Raymond and modified it a little bit to get a tally of the most frequent commentors to my blog.  Thanks for your input folks!


Here are the top 5:

Frank Hileman

Keith Patrick

Keith Hill

Corrado Cavalli


Shane King

Comments (7)

  1. Ummmm….so does your "top 5" return 6 names because there’s a tie or because of an off-by-one error? 🙂

  2. Damien McGivern says:

    Happy Blogday!

  3. p" says:

    yeah, it’s 6, probably an index problem (should i start from zero or one?) 🙂

  4. Thanks for blogging! Your blog is great.

  5. Jose Simon says:

    Happy Blogday!

    Thanks for blogging! Your blog is always great.

  6. Corrado Cavalli says:

    What a nice surprise being #3 on the list! (0 based of course!…)

    I wouldn’t expect that…

    Thanks for blogging and thanks for asking comments 😉

  7. Ring says:

    I like BLOG too, the such good study place which he provides for us is really excellent!

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