Curriculum Repository for managed code

Looks like some good stuff.  Anyone using this stuff?  Anyone want to go to a university where they are using this stuff 😉


Comments (4)

  1. Nic Wise says:

    Are we using it? No. I thought the MSDN AA was about getting VS.NET into Universities.

    Are we likely now to use it for courses taught to clients: Hell YES.

    Thanks for the pointer / heads up!

  2. Ivana Vackoff [MSFT] says:

    Because brainwashing starts early!

  3. Brad Abrams says:

    Not sure what "Ivana’s" point is, but trust me they don’t work at Microsoft…. I think the best way to handle folks like this is to ignore them… it worked for me in 3rd grade 😉

  4. Ivonna Vackoff [MSFT] says:

    How do we know you work there, everytime I go past your cubicle you are snoring your head off or surfing for pr0n.

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