Win32 to .NET Framework API Map

Some folks from my team worked closely with the author of this mapping between the .NET Framework on Win32 APIs.  Personally I can't wait start working on the update for WinFX!

Please do let us know if there is missing or incorrect data here.

Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map

Comments (5)

  1. Matthew Douglass says:


    If I could make a suggestion — I just looked quickly through the document and noticed a couple items that seemed to point to .NET features only available in 1.1 or later. For people who are new to .NET that knowledge would be very handy to have easily available (just the framework name and then the version number in parentheses would be perfect).

  2. Armin says:


    your blog is very cool

    good luck


  3. Andreas Häber says:


    just took a look at some Win32 functions I find interesting, and I’m wondering about this one:

    ChangeServiceConfig <=> System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.DisplayName

    IMHO this is not correct since the ChangeServiceConfig API let’s you change a lot more then just the DisplayName of the Service. But it would be nice to have the ChangeServiceConfig API more easily available from .NET, or have I missed something?

  4. Tjipke says:

    Thanks for this info. But now I know what .Net method to use, but I still have to look it up to see it’s parameters and usage. Couldn’t you make it a link to the corresponding description?

    For example: I would like to know how to do GetFileVersionInfo in .Net. I see I should use System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo. Now I would like to click on that and see the help on that.

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