Google-Juice and PInvoke Perf tips

I just chatted with the development manager on the CLR team.  He is starting to see the value of  getting information out to the community on blogs.  He was working on making a little demo application go faster and wanted to quickly review the PInvoke perf tips.  Like all of you, he first went to google and was surprised to find just what he needed on my blog...  All that is there is a fairly raw set of tips that were sent out over an internal email alias... but it was helpful to him -- and I hope some of you...

How often do you find blogs a good source of .NET Development information? 

Comments (4)

  1. Craig Andera says:

    How often? I’d say they are the *primary* source of good development information.

  2. Brad,

    I think people underestimate the value of Blogs. I find a wealth of information from the different blogs. Eventhough search engine such as google, help you find entries it is still overwhelming amount of the information out there.

    Maxim (do you?)

  3. Nic Wise says:

    I have to agree with Craig – ALL the time – hence why I also try to post what I find on my blog, too 🙂

  4. I tend to get most of my information from developer blogs. Google does an excellent job of spidering the different blogs and their inter-linking to each other. Articles are good, but I find that blogs have more advanced solutions since they don’t have to write to a possibly beginner audience. They’re writing it to themselves, at their level, so you get a lot more substance. Also, many people don’t want to get published, but they don’t mind writing their technology discoveries on their blogs.

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