Great notes from the CLR Panel

JasonZ wrote up some excellent notes from this morning’s CLR panel at the PDC.


Going to universal tonight?

Scoble tells me a few bloggers are going to get together at 8p Let’s meet tonight at the Hollywood grill inside of Universal Studios (#19 on the map, close to the entrance)   I will certainly try to make it…


CLR Perf Architect Rico Mariani joins the frey

Rico (of Pit of Success fame) decided to jump into the blog crazy.  His is a must-read site on managed code performance.  From now on before I will listen to anyone complain about the performance of their managed code based application I will ask them if they have read Rico’s blog.     Subscribed. 


Softcopy of the Namespace poster

For those of you that could not make it to the PDC…. Here is a softcopy of the WinFX Namespace poster.. (PDF Version) … If you are already experienced with the .NET Framework you will see many namespaces you already know.  You will also find some new namespaces that I am SURE you will want…


The BCL team’s site goes live!

We have been working on this for a while – well, really the idea came up in a team meeting two weeks ago… We wanted a place where the BCL team can push out samples, FAQ, and articles very easily… In fact the whole team can directly publish… I am looking. Check it out:…


Check out 64bit CLR in action

At my talk today I made the point that it is super easy to move to 64bit with managed code… By writing in managed code today you are best prepared for 64 bit in the future.  In fact our experience is many applications require NO changes at all (not even a recompile) to run great…


Good disscusion on the newsgroups…

You should check them out.. a couple I responded to: Is WinFX, the Win32 replacement, Managed or not? Winodws Forms and Avalon (And, equally good, from Dave)


Fill out session evals…

We really do take the session evals seriously – if you are at the PDC, please take time to go to commnet and fill out a eval for today’s sessions.