Presentation on the GC

I was talking with Patrick Dussud, the Architect for the CLR's Garbage
Collector today and it turns out he has a very good presentation that he does
for internal groups that need to understand the philology behind how the GC
really works.  This is one of those
“more than you really every needed to know” kind of things. 

Of course my first through was getting that information to you folks as I am
sure you are interested.  Patrick was gracious enough to let me href="">posted it..
Enjoy!  And I do realize that
plagiarizium is the highest forum of flattery, but I would like to know if you
find this stuff valuable and if so why.


Comments (5)

  1. James says:

    Great for trivia at parties. Keep them coming.

  2. Mark Hoffman says:

    For something as complicated as GC, *any* resource is useful to have. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Mark Levison says:

    Not a bad introduction but there are already much better articles on MSDN (sorry I’ve misplaced the link),.

    As to why these articles are useful. After reading the MSDN article on, we learnt that allocating large numbers of small short-lived objects is very cheap. Very useful we’re now a lot more relaxed about this wrt effeciency in code inspections.

  4. Frank Hileman says:

    The animations were great.

  5. Marco Russo says:

    It gives more questions than answers! For example, there is a lack in bibliography about the real inside of GC. These slides contains references to sweep and compact phases.. but until today I was aware only of the compact one (in respect to the .NET implementation of GC). More and more is better! 🙂

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