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Some comments on the comments
from href="">my
recent post on PDC breakout sessions "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


href="">Christian Weyer is asking about
Indigo… good question.  We made a
decision to avoid many code names in the initial session list we published. style="mso-spacerun: yes">  But trust me the “Indigo” sessions are
in this list as are many sessions for other codenames you may have read about.
 Could be fun to play codename bingo
and see if you can match them up.  I
can’t play quite yet, but it could be fun anyway.


href="http://www.luckypines.colm/blog/blog.aspx">Fumiaki Yoshimatsu is
wanting to know about remotting futures… Yes, we are covering that, it is just
not clear from the session names.. I’ll have to check on Passport and X#...


href="">Corrado Cavalli has a colorful
comment on the docs… I will pass on your comments!


Comments (4)

  1. OK, got this! 🙂
    You are just trying to be as generic (or maybe as business wording compatible?) as possible so that nobody can say: "Hey, where is that damn session on [insert your favorite buzzword here]?" – makes sense …
    And after reading through the sessions again I guess I may have found my favorites already. Thanks.

  2. Sam Gentile says:

    I thought anyone who mentioned the "I" word outside of the walls got slapped-)

    Must attend:
    # CLR Under the Covers: "Whidbey" CLR Internals
    # CLR Under the Covers: Infrastructure for Deploying and Securing Applications
    # .NET Framework: Exploring What’s New in the Base Class Library for "Whidbey"
    # CLR: Writing Performant Managed Code
    # Visual C++ and the Road to "Longhorn"
    # Visual C# "Whidbey": New Language Features
    # Visual C# "Whidbey": New IDE Features

    Interop continues to be the "bastard child" of .NET that you guys refuse to talk about but that everyone of us has to do every day in the real world. You really need to address this as I continue to write, Interop does not work welll out of the box, and I know Sonja and team are looking to make it much easier and better for a future release.

  3. Hi,
    well after having a look through here are the sessions that I would be initially looking at attending :

    #FIle System and storage advances in "Longhorn"
    #New Windows Forms Features in the "Whidbey" Release overview
    #Building next generation web services in ASP.NET
    #Programming Business Intelligence Solutions in "Yukon"
    #CLR under the covers: "Whidbey" CLR internals
    #Programming message-Orientated web services
    #Visual C# "Whidbey" new language features

    In terms of something:
    #Building a solution based on the application blocks
    #Reengineer an existing application to use the application blocks
    #Winforms resizing/layout, datagrid layout

  4. Jimmy Layton says:

    1) Driver DDK for Longhorn Session (No drivers for it, how will We be able to test anything on it? )

    2) WinFS Tie-ins to VS.NET Session ( Or am I thinking of next years PDC? )

    3) The Audio and Gaming Changes in Longhorn Session (Lets face it Games make people want to use newer Os’s !)

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