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style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">I haven’t seen much buzz about the
PDC sessions list
we published this week. style="mso-spacerun: yes"> I am spending >8 hours a week working
on PDC sessions across the tracks, so if you have any suggestions or guidance,
I’d love to hear it.  We are FAR
from done with the process of picking the right content for the PDC… style="mso-spacerun: yes">  What do you think is the top 3
“MUST attend” talks on that list? style="mso-spacerun: yes"> What are the “Must skip” ones? style="mso-spacerun: yes">  What is missing all
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Comments (11)

  1. Top 3: ASP.NET v2, Longhorn file system, Yukon
    ‘Must skip’: this is _so_ personal 😉 MFC stuff, have to see _all_ the other stuff…
    Missing: whitehorse?

  2. Must attend: "CLR Under the Covers", "Programming Message-Oriented Web Services", and "The Future of Distributed Applications".
    Must skip: probably all the "Tools" staff… They are interesting, but low priority for me.
    Missing: Remoting stack future, .NET Passport v.Next, and X# (if it exists)

    This event would be fun anyway!

  3. Looks like a great list so far–I can’t wait for PDC!


  4. Must:
    CLR Under the Covers: "Whidbey" CLR Internals
    File System and Storage Advances in "Longhorn": Overview
    .NET Framework: Exploring What’s New in the Base Class Library for "Whidbey"

    Skip: E-Business Solutions Roadmap (waporware?)

    Missing: A survival guide to next version of MS documentation, do you know how frustating is getting hundreds of MB of documentation without a path to follow?

  5. Sam Gentile says:

    I thought anyone who mentioned the "I" word outside of the walls got slapped-)

    Must attend:
    # CLR Under the Covers: "Whidbey" CLR Internals
    # CLR Under the Covers: Infrastructure for Deploying and Securing Applications
    # .NET Framework: Exploring What’s New in the Base Class Library for "Whidbey"
    # CLR: Writing Performant Managed Code
    # Visual C++ and the Road to "Longhorn"
    # Visual C# "Whidbey": New Language Features
    # Visual C# "Whidbey": New IDE Features

    Interop continues to be the "bastard child" of .NET that you guys refuse to talk about but that everyone of us has to do every day in the real world. You really need to address this as I continue to write, Interop does not work welll out of the box, and I know Sonja and team are looking to make it much easier and better for a future release.

  6. Do you know if the Smartphone content will be geared toward the Whidbey timeframe or the current rev of Compact Framework on the v.Next Smarthphone OS? Both woul be nice 🙂

  7. DonXML says:

    Must see list:
    1) Graphics in Longhorn
    2) Exploring What’s New for Developers in "Yukon"
    3) Visual C# "Whidbey": New Language Features

    Must Skip:
    1) Exploiting "Longhorn" Features from within Your Existing Win32/MFC Application
    2) Rights Management for Content and Media in "Longhorn"
    3) Exploring Adhoc Collaboration in "Longhorn"

    What’s Missing:
    A session on the (formerly Whidbey) VS.Net XML Tools. It went over so well at the XMLDevCon, this must be included at the PDC. And if you can get SVG support in the VS.Net XML Tools, even more of a reason to have a session at the PDC.

  8. Mehran Nikoo says:

    Must Attend:

    – Programming SQL Server "Yukon" Using Managed Code, Building Store Procedures, Functions, and User-Defined Types
    – Web Services: Drill Down into New Protocols
    – Building Secure and Reliable Transacted Web Services
    – Programming Message-Oriented Web Services: Technical Drill Down

    Must Skip:
    – File System and Storage Advances in "Longhorn"
    – Exploiting "Longhorn" Features from within Your Win32®/MFC Application

    What is missed:
    I know that PDC 2003 will be focussed on Whidbey, Longhorn and Yukon but I think more talks about application architecture and development process (MSF, etc) should have a place on a developer’s conference because developers are not just coders. In an agile world, developers face with other challenges and it will be nice if best practices from Microsoft are also discussed.

  9. Benoyraj B says:

    “Yukon” is a proposed new 32 – bit version of Microsoft SQL Server aka, MS SQL 2000, which is not yet released from Microsoft. It may be release in the year 2004. It contains a lot of additional tools which improves a rich scale of performance, reliability and ease of use. Many tools in the old version of SQL Server such as Database Engine, Analysis Services, DTS, Database administration tools, XML support and ADO.NET, have been enhanced a greater extend.

    The top ten features of Yukon are categorized into three areas. They are

    1. Database Administration

    2. Development

    3. Business Intelligence

    For more information about this, visit the Microsoft web site,

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