More on Design Guidelines

Thanks for the
encourgement in many of href="">your
comments on my recent post.  I do plan to add more content soon..


href="">Frans, I have passed you comment on to
the data guys..


href="">Gareth  class=300065218-03072003>  size=2>- Yes, we will at least be updating with the Whidbey Beta...


Thanks, I fixed my
type-o on this britsh spelling of Color..


href="">Sebastien size=2>  - Good point, in general pluggablity is important, we should have
a clearer guideline on that.  I'll add it do the todo.


href="mailto:michael dot bouckAT NOSPAMpeoplefirst dot com">Michael
  size=2> has a some thoughts on providing aliases for Dispose.  I'll address that in a future posting.  



Comments (2)

  1. Frans Bouma says:

    Thanks Brad for the effort! 🙂

  2. Frans Bouma says:

    Btw, you’ve seen my list of api / wishes?

    I hope you can point someone inside MS to that list as well, so they might get realized in the future 🙂

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