On String.SubString…

Dave Burke
tells about his experince with String.SubString... and Kit George, the PM that
owns String
.. Worth a quick look... It is all in how you look at the problem it

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  1. steve says:

    Mr. Abrams,

    You may be wondering why or how I am emailing you.

    My name is Steve. I live in Baltimore. Last year a Microsoft regional manager and I became friends. He used to come to our home for Shabbos meals. When I got married he dropped by with a present.
    However, this man moved back to Seattle. He still works for Microsoft. Unfortunately, I am not able to reach him. The cell number he left me does not work. I have tried numerous searches for him. I was wondering if you could help.

    His name is Bill Jacobi. He was a mid-atlantic regional manager. I would like to call him to see how he is doing. Can you help me?

    Any assistance would be greatly apprciated.

    thank you,

    Steven Rosensweig

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