Presentation tip

We have a few customers in this week... One of them
reminded us of this very valueable information.. I have seen it referenced
before, but never hurts to do it again...

size=2> href="">ScottHanselmansTipsForASuccessfulMsftPresentation

fixed URL...

Comments (3)

  1. mgkind says:

    I am sorry that my question is not related to the subject.
    I would like to know that how can I gather information of one page for example get the html code of one special page in my ASP or ASP.NET apllication and use it in my application.for exaple I get the html code of " " and then use this code in my page by programming.


  2. Jason says:

    The actual link is missing; here’s the HTML:


  3. Brad Abrams says:

    SOrry about that.. fixed.

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