Some great stuff published today

Rico is one of the smartest guys on the CLR team and he
is super, super passionate about performance.  He is looking at everyway
possible to make managed code run faster...   He just posted a great
on how the GC works and how to get the best perf possible out of your
managed code... worth a read!

We call Sonja the Queen of Interop around here... In this href="">MSDN
TV show she shows how COM clients can use managed code.

Comments (3)

  1. I liked the GC article at first, but there are a couple of problems with it – unfortunately, MSDN doesn’t let you give feedback a second time if you’ve been enthusiastic the first time 😉

    Didn’t have anything major, but I just thought one of the the lifetime aspects was overstated, and the Dispose pattern was implemented incorrectly. I posted a bit on my blog:

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