More on the Console form the internet zone

In a commnet on href="">one
of my posts, href="">Brad, Guy of .NET  href="">asks
why we would turn this off.  Well, bottom line it is that we can't come
up with a meaningful scenario for using the console from semi-trust and there is
clearly some href="">level
of risk is exposing it.  So I am asking you for real world scenarios
for using console from semi-trust... 


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  1. ugghh. the only [ugly] reason i can think of is trying to compile a sample from a CGI for Dummies book.

  2. Hi Brad,

    There is a situation in which I would like to use the console from a semi-trusted process. I’ve written a unit testing addin for VS.NET. The test runner needs a way of communicating test results back to the addin. The main test runner uses a remoting connection back to localhost for this. I have just written a stripped down test runner for situations in which using remoting is undesirable or impossible (for example when running tests in Rotor or Mono). I would face the same problem if I wanted run tests in a process with locked down security. The stripped down test runner uses Console.Error to send test results back to the addin.

    It can be useful to have console access in desparate debugging situations. I usually prefer to use Debug.WriteLine. If the code you’re testing is in a different AppDomain (with its own .config file) you loose any custom TraceListeners you’ve installed.

    Here’s a recent posting I made about Rotor/Mono support.

    Thanks, Jamie.

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