The “Natural Fit”

It has been a busy few days in the world of the rant (see Mr. Grimes’ Farewell) and reply (see Grumpy Grimes and Scott Swigart Responds to Richard Grimes).  Now this is a topic that I have a bit of passion for.  I am not going to restate the very good arguments by Scott and Duncan,…


Jackie Goldstein – .NET Rock Star

A great interview with Jackie Goldstein was recently posted on DevSource.  Many of you have likely seen Jackie speak.  I have had the chance to work with Jackie more than once and he is an incredible developer.  Check out his interview and thoughts on VB and other topics here.


SQL Server Workgroup Edition

If you have not heard already Microsoft has announced a new version of SQL Server 2000 and 2005.  The new version, SQL Server Workgroup Edition fills a hole that lots of Visual Basic developers and consultants have run into.  With Visual Basic you can build data-driven application against MSDE for small to mid-size companies on…


Code, Code and More Code

While digging through some of the older material here on the Visual Basic DevCenter I came across the link for 101 Visual Basic code samples.  While this was made available for download a while ago I had never personally noticed it in past visits to the site so I figured I would point it for others that had…



Hello, my name is Brad McCabe and I will be taking over the Visual Basic Developer Center from Duncan Mackenzie and continuing the great work that he started. I have always hated introductions, I always preferred to jump and and get to work on the challenge, so I will keep this introduction short and save…