Visual Studio 2005 US Events

The various Developer Evangelist from around the country will be delivering about 60 technical how to events showing the value of Visual Studio 2005. 

These events are pure technical content, no marketing fluff, delivered by noted speakers, authors, and industry experts.

To get more information or to see if they will be in a city near you check out

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  1. tobby says:


    would you put something about on the blog?

  2. tobby says:

    why ??

    my comment can not be displayed!~


  3. Allyn says:

    I find it to be bad business for MS to label the VB2005 cd with Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition and then find that the CD is actually the web edition. On top of this I ordered it from Ammazon and paid 40 dollars when I could have downloaded it for free. Bad form MS

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