Free VB 2005 and ASP.NET Training

With the holiday’s coming lots of people have some extra time on their hands, with this in mind MSDN and Microsoft Learning got to together to give you something to do, free training!

We were trying to figure out what course to give away and decided to let you pick.  That’s right pick one of 6 courses about Visual Basic 2005 or 9 courses about ASP.NET 2.0.  In addition, after you have completed your free online course you will receive 30% off the price of the next one.

You have to hurry, the free code is only good until January 4th, 2006.  You don’t have to take your free class by then, but you have to sign up and select your class before that day.  You have 90 days from the time you sign up to do the course, but with spare time this holiday season why not do it now?

Visit for all of the details and to get the free training code to sign up.

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  1. Sunjay says:

    What about people who are absolutely new to the whole .NET and VS bandwagon??

    What do they have???


    yes i am still not hitched on as yet but am looking to do so and i am throughly lost…..

  2. Luis Rodriguez says:

    I have already signed up, but how do I get started.

  3. Brad McCabe posts this information about an offer from MSDN to take a free online course.

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