Visual Studio 2005 and SQL 2005 Released

Visual Studio 2005 (Standard, Pro, and Express versions) and SQL Server 20005 has been released and are avaialbe for download for MSDN subscribers

For a good overview of the new features in Visual Basic 2005 check out Ken Getz's article.  For more in depth information you can find a collection of VB 2005 articles here.  For SQL information visit the SQL Dev Center 2005 page.

For those of you that are not MSDN subscribers you can either purchase an MSDN subscription or the bits will go on sale from resellers after the November 7th launch event.

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  1. Brad_McCabe says:

    The complete list of skus on MSDN for download:

    Visual Studio 2005 Standard

    Visual Studio 2005 Professional

    Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite

    Visual Studio 2005 Roll based products (Architect, Dev, Test)

    SQL 2005 Developer Edition

    Visual SourceSafe 2005

    Visio for Enterprise Architects

    C++ tools for IA 64

    Visual Studio tools for Office and Infopath

    MSDN Library for VS 2005

    Of course these exact ones avaiable to you might vary based on what type of MSDN subscription you have.

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