Free ASP.NET Learning Challenges for Visual Basic .NET Developers

If you have not already heard, InnerWorkings is providing a collection of ASP.NET learning challenges for Visual Basic .NET developers. InnerWorkings offers migration resources for VB developers – FREE to MSDN users for a limited time!

You also get 3 technical articles and an eBook on VB .NET from Paul D. Sheriff & Associates.  

Comments (5)
  1. John A Spera says:

    Very Interested in using ASP.NET for a project.



  2. Reis Quarteu says:

    I could not find the stuff from Paull Sheriff. My browser says the page cannot be found.

    Many thanx in advance.


  3. Earl Kurburski says:

    Paull Sheriff link not working.

  4. Adrienne says:

    The hyperlink does not appear to be working. However,I downloaded the e-book from

  5. Wendy says:

    Yes, but that link only lets you download the project files for the book, no the book itself. Where can we get the book?

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