Kid Programming Language (KPL)

There is a new article out about KPL, or the Kid Programming Language. This is a really neat idea that is being supported by Microsoft and was recently featured on the Coding4Fun site on MSDN. I have played with this some and the syntax is very much like Visual Basic however the IDE it comes…


More talk about the future of Visual Basic

Normally I don’t like to make entries that are just a collection of links, but this time I will make an exception.  Here are some other blogs and posts about the future of Visual Basic and Project LINQ:  – Paul Vick – Alan Griver – Amanada Silver – Ehud Lamm Don’t forget to check…


My.Blogs Released

Today we just posted the My.Blogs sample.  This is a great demonstrations by Chris Mayo and others on the Visual Basic team that shows you how to extend the My object in Visual Basic 2005.  Besides being a great My extension sample it, since it is built to read and write blogs.  It gives people…


Talking about the future of Visual Basic

Today at PDC the future direction of Visual Basic is being discussed.  We have posted some resources on MSDN to help developers learn about some of the new futures, such as Project LINQ.  Check out the VB Future page. Also, if you could not make PDC we have posted the entire contents of the VB…


Visual Basic 6.0 to VB.NET Upgrade Guidance – Community Pre-Release

The Patterns and Practices group is working on providing guildance on moving from VB 6.0 to either 2003 or 2005.  They are also working on a new Migration Assessment tool.  You can join the workspace for the upcoming guidance and get a preview of the guidance and upcoming Migration Assessment tool by checking out the…


Wanted, Dead or Alive!

Ok, got your attention with the title.  The Code Snippet team has started a discussion on the MSDN Forums asking folks to submit there most request code snippet. If you are not familiar with code snippets in 2005 check out the Code Snippet FAQ. While VB will be shipping with hundreds of code snippets in…


Free Training CD from AppDev

Even more great offers.  Microsoft and AppDev, a leading developer training company, have partnered to give away a free ASP.NET 2.0 using Visual Basic 2005 Beta 2 Training CD or ASP.NET 2.0 using C# 2005 Beta 2 CD. From the AppDev web site: “See why thousands of developers nationwide have voted AppDev training THE BEST!…


Free ASP.NET Learning Challenges for Visual Basic .NET Developers

If you have not already heard, InnerWorkings is providing a collection of ASP.NET learning challenges for Visual Basic .NET developers. InnerWorkings offers migration resources for VB developers – FREE to MSDN users for a limited time! You also get 3 technical articles and an eBook on VB .NET from Paul D. Sheriff & Associates.  


C++ 2005 Express and Half Life Moding

I have never been a big computer gamer, that is why I have an XBox, but this announcement yesterday is pretty neat. Numerous folks here at Microsoft have been working with Valve, the creators of Half Life and Counter-Strike, to make Visual C++ 2005 Express work for creating mods and enhancements to their games. Check…