Lots and Lots of Code Samples

We have been busy publishing and posting code samples for Visual Basic 2005 the last week or so. 

For starters (sorry, no pun intended) there are two new start kits.

The first is a Shareware Starter Kit.  The Shareware Starter Kit is a sample application that implements the common features in shareware applications. The Shareware Starter Kit includes sample components that show integrated e-commerce using PayPal, secure product activation, product registration, error reporting, and more using Web services.

The Channel 9 guys are running a cool contest with this Starter Kit that lets you win a free trip to PDC.

The second is a Card Game Starter Kit.  This Starter Kit is a complete Black Jack card game. The starter kit contains an extensible framework for building card games and a Black Jack game application that is built on top of this framework. The project comes ready to compile and run, but it's easy to customize with only a little extra programming. The section Expanding the Card Game contains a list of some customizations you might make. You are also free to use the source code as the basis for your own card game projects, and share your work with others or upload it to the Internet.

The other new thing is the first 50 samples in the 101 code samples for VB 2005.  We thought it was important to get the first 50 out and in peoples hands to look at and play with while we work on finishing off and polishing the second half.

We have some more code samples, demos, and videos on VB 2005 coming out in the next few weeks.  If you want to keep on top of all of the 2005 information either check out the reorganized VB 2005 page or you can now subscribe on that page to a new RSS feed with all of the latest VB 2005 information.   You can either subscribe on teh VB 2005 page or add http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=50738 to your RSS Feeds.

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  1. Ess says:

    I hope Microsoft/MSDN release a downloadable resource kit (like they did with version 2003) which would be helpful when the time is right for us to jump along the 2005 ride – hopefully im not asking for too much

  2. John says:

    Can you please change your web page so that black text is not displayed on a dark charcoal background – the only way I could read the text was by highlighting it ie selecting it. The only reason I knew there was text present was because of the orange hyperlinks which appear at first sight to be spread disjointedly across the page.

  3. Brad_McCabe says:

    Sorry, some HTML got inserted into the text when I cut and paste it. It showed up fine in the preview pane but did not want to go away without me retyping the message, so I just switched the theme on the blog. It was time for a new background anyway. 🙂

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