Visual Basic Sessions at PDC

If you have not seen the sessions for PDC have been posted for a little bit of time.

While there are various VB sessions at this years PDC it seems that Paul Vick’s VB session (Future Directions in Language Innovation from Paul Vick) is falling a bit behind the sessions by Anders and Raymond.  So if you are VB developer and you are going to PDC make sure you sign up for Paul’s session, otherwise he is going to end up in a tiny room with a no space for all of the folks showing up.  Besides the cramped space, this is going to put a wrinkle in my plans to sell Paul Vick collectors T-Shirts to everyone in the audience.  Now how am I going to pay for my kids college?

If you register before the 30th of this month you can save 15% on the cost, which will give you some extra cash for the T-shirt.

The session summary is below:

Visual Basic: Future Directions in Language Innovation from Paul Vick

Visual Basic is designed to be the most productive language for writing data-centric, solution-focused applications. Meet with the designers of VB and learn about upcoming language features that will improve developer productivity, including new features that enable optimized queries over objects, XML, and databases in a consistent way.

Session Level(s): 300
Track(s): Tools & Languages

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