My First MSDN Article

Now that I have been here for three months I have finally gotten a few minutes to write my first article as an official Microsoft employee.  By far not my first published article, but still a bit of a milestone for me.

So in a bit of shameless self promotion you can read it here.  It is titled “Using Threading to Build a Responsive Application with Visual Studio 2005” and looks at using the new BackgroundWorker component in Visual Studio to build multi-threaded applications with a lot less pain.

While this component does not allow you to do anything you could not already do in Visual Studio 2002/2003 it makes things much easier and much faster.  Also the goal of this component and article was to remove some of the mystery or fear around multi-threaded applications and allow more developers to build responsive applications.

Feel free to share the link with your friends, families, or pets.  No I don't get a royalty, just bragging rights on the page views.

Thanks also to Bill Sempf who did a great job reviewing my article for me and made some great suggestions.

Comments (2)

  1. Larry Serflaten says:

    For another resource of ‘free suggestions’ before you post your next article, you might mention it in the newsgroup with a link to your draft copy. There is also an mvp.visualbasic.kbpreview group whose purpose is targeted at getting feedback before ‘going live’ with a KnowlegeBase article. And, to build up (VB) content, you might also put out a list in those groups (ocassionally), as a suggestion/request for articles about areas/topics you (as the strategest) think would help the most people. MVP’s as you know, like to help people, so whether its feedback on your articles, or submission of an article or two, you may be able to mulitply your own efforts by getting more people involved. Really I just wanted to say, it would benefit many to spend a bit of effort in continuing to build up VB oriented content because people are giving VB.Net a sideways glance for the same reasons you’ve stated before – that so much stuff coming from MSFT developers is in C# because the dev teams were previous C++ coders. MSFT (your firm) is already doing a good job of keeping VB on the front burner (a first class citizen), I just want to encourage you guys to keep at it!

  2. Bill Sempf says:

    Great article, Brad, and thanks for the plug. I agree with Larry, too. That would be a GREAT way to introduce some ‘wikiness’ to the article feed coming out of the VB.NET group. Even if it is just something that the individual authors do, it would be a great addition. I’ll sure give it a try on my next article for you!


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