Going to Tech Ed, Want to Meet the VB Team?

The VB Team will be at Tech Ed in Orlando in a few weeks.  If you are going to be there then check this out to meet with the team.

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  1. newthoughts says:

    Thank you for reading the msg.

    In Windows2003 Server,I developed a Database Programme :It uses Jet4.0 And ADO2.8,they all are the latest version. it can run well in Windows Xp/2003/2000:the database can be edited and browsed。but 3 weeks ago, some errs happened:in WindowsXp.sp2,the database can not be edited ,but can be browsed.

    What’s wrong?

    In the wrong PC (WindowsXP.sp2),I installed Jet4.0,but couldn’t install MDAC2.8.

    What’s wrong?

    Is it because of Jet4.0 ,or ADO2.8,or ADODC,Or WindowsXP.sp2?

    I’m eager…

    thank you.

    my email:KunShanZQZ@Yahoo.com.cn

  2. Salman says:

    Hi i need a Vb/VB.NET programmer

    -who can guide me in developing IP based camera


    -How to write a device driver in Vb.NET/VC.NET

    -I need a source code samples for the advance learning techniques in VB.NET

    my email is




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