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The Visual Basic IDE team now has a blog here.  These are the guys (and girls) that are responsible for the VB portion of Visual Studio.  They have already started to post some great content in just a few days.

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  1. any suggestions says:

    HI,everybody!i have some trouble this time.i wanna some suggestions how to begin my Vbasic language study.i love this language and want to do something with it. i wanna you professors could give me your suggestions.thanx a lot.

  2. After i pay for Visual Studio 2005 is it free afterwards or do i have to pay a fee? I have Visual Studio 6.0.

  3. What is Visual Studio .NET?

    What is Visual Studio 2005?

  4. aljanjaweedi says:

    CoOl! man i like VB.net alot it’s realy make my fantasy real .but there is always a problem . vs.net take alot of my computer resources so applications and other process work slow . for example the time taking to press RUN and the system compile and builder about 8 seconds! … 8 seconds! so 8+8+8 while am debuging and correct code i find my productivity decress and my boss will fire me and restat aonther Delphi programmer to do my work! my qusions to the team if there is any way i can decress the time of compilation with upgrading my PC .. thanx alot and i’m waiting you replay!

    with my regards

    E.AnAs Monaffal /Africa-Sudan

  5. ajibola says:

    hi , i’m having a problem with visual basic 6.I added a data control to the vb form , and when i clicked on record source , it gives an error that e.g rfrtttt.mdb is not a recognized format.Pls i need help on this problem as i used microsoft access 2003 to create the database.

  6. aljanjaweedi says:


    You to convert you .MDB (Acess 2003) format to the oldest format of Microsoft Acess 97 .. to do that go to Tool menu /Database /Convert Database ..

    and convert the database OK! if you need other help send me in my e-,mail (turboanas@hotmail.com) CoOl! … last note man .. Visual studio 2005 now on market you still 8 years behind .. try to upgrade your self~ ….


    E.AnAs MOnaffal /SUdan/DARFUR!

  7. Mehrdad says:

    Hello dear developers

    I’m going to add skin to my form in VB6

    how can I do skinning on VB6?

  8. aljanjaweedi says:

    Helloz! Robert …

    Sorry been late for answer cuase i was away from Net for the past 4 days . about your conversion problem that may be cause of serveral resons!

    * Installation problem : may be your version of MS Access 2003 have some files missing . so i suggest you resinstall your copy of MS Office . and if you using an illegal copy that’s meens your version is full of bugs and errors.

    * also you can use the repair method on Tools menu / Database Untilites and click on Combact Repair database .

    * Try to check your file may be its corrupted due to disk error of something in this case it’s hard to recover your data . by the way make backup files from your access file to aviod wasting information .

    – if toy still have a problem .. if you file in small may be you can send it to me .. or we can find some else way to solve this .

    OK! Mr.Buntina have best wiches and i hope you solve your problem soon!

    E.AnAs Monaffal Alnour


    Mob: +249918077508

  9. aljanjaweedi says:

    Hi! mr. Meherdad

    you want skin . easy try downlaoding vbskinner pro from http://www.visual-basic.com.ar/active-x-controls.htm. it’s a cool software make you apply skins esay to vb6 forms!

    my best wiches

    e.AnAs MOnaffal

  10. Mehrdad says:

    Hello dear Brad

    thanks for repling.

    I desided to set my application as InternetExplorer Host then I made my form skinable!

    thanks for helping …



  11. Hasnim says:

    I’m post graduate student try to develop basic electronic editor (which can drag n drop resistor,capacitor etc.) look like VB IDE, have toolbox and form.

    Where can i find the source code for that purpose.

    Can you give me any hint how to create the object in toolbox like resistor.

    How about if i use third party object to put in toolbox like graph activex for example.

  12. aljanjaweedi says:

    dear Hasnim

    I can not understand exactly what! you want ? do you wanna make a software like Curcuit maker? or you wanna made an application that interacts with electronic pulses and control signal !?

  13. Hasnim says:

    Dear Aljanjaweedi,

    Both actually. I want to create VB IDE for electronic lecturer which can draw circuit like Circuit Maker/Pspice and then they can define measurement nodes in drawing to their channels in DAQ card(real circuit at lecturer side). But all these in usercontrol designer so my program later can publish/save it as activex(in html form) into their webserver. So their student can then access the html file with activeX and do the measurement and control.

    Summary: 1. How to create VB IDE with usercontrol designer. 2. How to create object like resistor and node that can be drag n drop to the designer. 3. How to save activeX in html file. 4. For measurement and datasocket, I’m using National Instrument activeX.

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