XBox 2.0

So Microsoft started talking about XBox 2.0 yesterday and has provided some details.  From the press release:

The next-generation XBox hardware design principles include the following:

  • A well-balanced system that will deliver more than a teraflop of targeted computing performance
  • A multicore processor architecture co-developed with IBM Corp. that provides developer "headroom" and flexibility for the HD Era
  • A custom-designed graphics processor co-developed with ATI Technologies Inc. designed for HD Era games and entertainment applications

Now I will admit to not being some hard core gamer.  In fact I skipped from the Atari era to the XBox era with out much of a stop in the middle.  The XBox caught my eye because of the quality of the games and the graphics.  I seem to either like the square block men of Atari or the realism of the XBox, nothing in between works for me.  These hardware stats really impress me and I can only image what game developers will be able to do.

Speaking of developers.  The press release also states:

In addition, familiar software technologies such as DirectX, PIX, XACT and the recently announced XNA Studio

XNA is Microsoft's game generation platform.  The really cool thing is that XNA it is built on top of the forth coming Visual Studio Team System and DirectX.  So if you get bored of your day job coding business applications you can always use lots of your existing skills to develop games that quote:

This shift will be further illustrated by a significant leap to high-definition graphics, where character movements and expressions are intensely vibrant and nearly indiscernible from real life; by multichannel, positional audio fidelity so clear and precise that players will be able to hear the faintest enemy footsteps sneaking up behind them;

Then again you if you port this technology back to the PC the ideas really get going.  How about an IM program tied in with GPS information.  You hear your boss's footsteps getting louder on your computer speakers as he walked down the hall to your desk late on a Friday afternoon.  You would be able to see his express clearly as an emoticon and determine if you should be leaving before he makes it to you.  Since you could tell what direction he was coming from you have the best chance of avoiding him and saving your weekend.

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  1. Me says:

    This is exciting stuff.

    Actually it’s "Xbox" not "XBox".

  2. james g says:

    well of course you jumped from the atari to the xbox… you tried the atari, found it not to your satisfaction, didn’t play console games until your sister company gave you a free xbox…

    well, who would complain?

    you got a good console for free

  3. Brad McCabe says:

    Well you are right that I got my Xbox for free but instead of a sister company it was a Christmas present from my wife last year. Which for the record was before I started to work for Microsoft three weeks ago.

  4. b o b says:

    i love you!!! and xbox because it freakin rocks my socks and so does visual basic and your mom if shes not dead

  5. liblah says:

    Sony must be getting nervous. When the Xbox was first released, it suffered due to loyal PS1 fans buying up PS2 consoles before Xbox hit the shelves. When Xbox re-enters the market as v2.0, it will already have MANY loyal fans. Be afraid Sony 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    The Xbox 2.0 specs sound good and MS will tempt all the current Visual Studio developers on to the new platform – but i feel that it will be very difficult to bet Sony becasue the PlayStation brand is a cult. Either way it will be good for gamers and the developers of both platforms.

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