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For those of you that not seen the Enterprise Library was updated in January.  If you are not familiar with the Enterprise Library is a combination of all of the prior work that was done by the Patterns and Practices group and released as various Application Blocks.  I opted to point this out because it slipped out without showing up the radar screens of alot of the developers I speak with.

The Enterprise Library pulls all of the various application blocks back together into one solid library that is more consistent and integrated.  This is a great time saving and productive improving resource that I encourage you to check out.

Of course this release throw me a bit of a curve.  Where is my beloved Auto-Update block?  This was one of my favorite and IMHO one of the most useful.  If you have the same thought just hang on.  After a bit of poking around I was happy to learn that Auto-Update 2.0 was almost here.

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  1. Brad McCabe says:

    One thing I forgot to point out. The Enterprise Library source code this time is only in C#, not the C# and VB.NET like prior release.

    Feel free to send you feedback about the lack of VB.NET Source to devfdbck@microsoft.com.

    The more people that email them the more they will understand that VB.NET source is a just include in the next release.

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