What do you think?

So one of the great things about starting a new job is you get a fresh look at everything.  As a customer I always liked the VB Dev Center and thought it was well run, however I had a few pet peeves I will admit.

Who hasn't thought "If I were in charge I would....."?  Well now is your chance to tell someone your thoughts about the MSDN Visual Basic DevCenter.  Don't just tell me your grips, tell me what you like.  Just as important as looking at areas you could do better is knowing what you do well so you don't change them.

Feel free to use that nice "Contact" button on the left hand side of http://blogs.msdn.com/brad_mccabe and respond to me directly.  I have turned off the comments as I would prefer people to send your thoughts directly, I just find that a question like this turns the comments into a good idea and the next 20 people saying I like that idea instead of original thoughts or comments.  If my email is flooded with feedback on the VB Dev Center I would not consider that a bad thing. 

You can always use the contact button to send me your thoughts and ideas at anytime or ask me a general development question.

Remember I am the VB guy, C++ and C# questions would be best directed to the C++ and C# Dev Centers.

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