Hello, my name is Brad McCabe and I will be taking over the Visual Basic Developer Center from Duncan Mackenzie and continuing the great work that he started.

I have always hated introductions, I always preferred to jump and and get to work on the challenge, so I will keep this introduction short and save some time in your day.

Comments (5)

  1. Welcome aboard… I hope to read interesting news from your blog. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  2. John Bayley says:

    Hi Brad – nice to see you’re doing well…best of luck on the site!

    John Bayley


  3. HI, nice to see youre doing well.

    Best luck from Bandung Programming Group (Indonesia).

  4. Cecil says:

    Can you help me…

    How can I…

    have excel remain hidden until it is has been

    fully loaded and formatted? I thought maybe if

    I link my door to basic and have basic open

    excel? Any idears ???

    have objects on an excel worksheet not be

    redrawn when I turn updating back on ?

  5. fely suyat says:

    hi can u help me?

    i have a case study and i dont knowit…

    can u tell me how to make windows in visual c?

    please email me at felym_1432000@yahoo.com

    thank you very much

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