TechEd 2005 Wrap-up

I went to TechEd with lots of good intentions about blogging while I was out there and for one reason or another that just didn’t happen.  With two back to back sessions on Wed the first part of the week was taken up almost entirely by prep.  The second part of the week almost entirely…


Tesla: Desktop Tagging and Collaboration

Korby Parnell writes that videos of the presentations from the 2nd annual Microsoft Social Computing Symposium are online.  Anyone interested in collab topics would do well to take a look at these.  One that caught my eye is a session from Microsoft Research: “Tesla and Tagging for the desktop”.  This is a take on the…


Free software for TechEd Europe Attendees

Nice little perk for TechEd Europe attendees.  Every attendee will recieve a full copy of Virtual Server Enterprise Edition plus a voucher to recieve a free copy of SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition when it ships in November.


Adventure Girl is Blogging

My team mate here in MCS, Jessica Gruber is finally blogging.  Jessica is presenting at TechEd Europe this year.  Too bad Jessica, you seem to have drawn the short straw…the 8:30 slot the morning after the attendee party 🙁 As the only Office 12 session at TechEd this is likely to be a real hot-ticket…


My TechEd Europe Sessions

I have the dates for my TechEd sessions now. WCD351 Programming Word XML Solutions  Wed 6 Jul 12:00Microsoft Office Word 2003 enables a powerful integration between Word documents and XML data streams. See how you can liberate the content of a document for automated processing, document assembly, or reporting. You can now enliven the user’s…


New XML File Formats for Office 12

As a number of bloggers have already picked up, yesterday we made a significant announcement about Office 12.  Word, Excel and PowerPoint will get new default file formats based on XML.  The extensions will change from .DOC, .XLS, .PPT to .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX. The new file format is actually enclosed in a ZIP file. Change…


TechEd Wrap-up

Well TechEd Europe was fun wasn’t it? I have just uploaded the decks for the two sessions I presented:  BPR313 – Building Smart Documents For Information Handling Productivity, and BPR314 – Delivering Rich Information via Research Services.  Many thanks to Susan Warren from Vertigo Software and Chris Kunicki of Office Zealot fame for their input…


Smart Documents @ TechEd

So, TechEd is almost over for another year, and yesterday afternoon I finally got to deliver the first of my two sessions.  I was delighted with the positive feedback and interest in Smart Document solutions.  I’ll be responding to a number of the questions I was asked more fully in this blog over the next…


What is IBF?

The buzz has really grown about Information Bridge Framework over the course of the week in Amsterdam.  It’s a real shame we didn’t get just a little mention of this new product in the keynote on Tues, especially as it reached RTM on Weds.  However if you missed out on the IBF breakout this week,…